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Meet tivit - the ultimate table tennis companion

Always be ready for a game. Invite your friends, track your score and build leaderboards with our new web app.

Focus on your forehand, not keeping score

Turn your smartphone into a virtual scoreboard. Use tivit to keep track of serves and points with audio cues and a visual display.

Create custom leaderboards for players and see who really is the ultimate table tennis champion. No download is required, as tivit is a web application.

Explore and play games with our BETA version now, and be first to access new features as we add them.

tivit Leaderboard

Create custom leaderboards for any number of players

End arguments over who is the top player by creating customisable leaderboards. Choose whether to play to 11 or 21, and the First Service rules.

Based on an ELO Ranking System, each player is allocated a standard ELO score. The winner of a game improves their ranking by taking points from their opponent. How many points the winner takes depends on the leaderboard positions of the two players.

tivit getting started

Easy setup to get you playing straight away

All you need to start games with tivit are two players with smartphones. The web application format means no downloads are required. Account setup just requires an email address, then create your game by inviting your opponent to play.

For the best game experience we recommend using a hands-free phone holder. Depending on the construction of the table you should be able to easily attach it underneath. Alternatively, place the phone on a nearby surface that doesn’t interfere with game play, so you can easily tap the screen when you score and hear the audio cues.

tivit about
tivit is a project by Si digital

We built tivit so we could get back to enjoying the game

Playing table tennis gives us a well earned break from our day jobs. A chance to have a friendly game and an informal catch up. We created tivit as a virtual umpire to keep score so we can focus on delivering the ultimate spinning backhand shot, and have proof if we make it to the top of the leaderboard.

Our first scoring system relied on custom built hardware. We tackled the reliability problems that arose in the early version by making tivit quick to set up with just a smartphone and an internet connection. This also means we can share it with other players looking for a quick and easy scoring system to allow them to get the most out of each game.

Launch the web application by clicking the the button below. Create an account with your email address to begin keeping score and start the race to the top of your own leaderboard.

Need assistance? We’re happy to help

If your question isn’t answered on this page, email us at
How do I download the app?

You don’t need to download an app. tivit is a web application, which means it is accessed through a web browser on any internet connected device (we recommend using your phone).

What OS do I need?

Whether you’re on iOS, Android or Windows, tivit works on any device with a browser and an internet connection.

Do I need a ping pong table?

Ideally, yes. Maybe there’s a table at your workplace. Get your colleagues involved in a big leaderboard or Invite a group of friends to play at a local sports hall. The great thing about tivit is that it’s on your phone, so you can record scores anywhere, on any table.

Do I have to pay?

Not while the web application is in BETA. We have new features planned that will be added soon, some of which may have a small cost to help fund our server fees.

How do I attach my phone to a table?

It’s not compulsory, but hands-free phone holders are a useful way of fixing your phone to the table when you play, so it’s easy to click to score while not interfering with the game. This is a good one, but don’t worry if you don’t have one, just use an available surface close by.

How can I feedback on tivit

As we’re in BETA, we’re still making improvements to the experience daily. We really appreciate any feedback you can give us to help us make tivit the best experience possible. Give us feedback. Does something not seem right? Report a bug.

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